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Want to try a new ingredient but not sure how to incorporated into your diet? Or maybe you'd like little inspiration to plan your meals for the week ahead? Here are some mouth-watering recipes to get you excited for different types of meals you may feel like throughout the week!

Comfort Food

Some foods do more than just fulfil your hunger and stimulate your taste buds. Some meals can feed your soul like a hug from within. Here are some hearty meals with a healthful twist to make your day better!

Easy Entertaining

Raking your head on how you can impress your guests at the next get-together? Whether you are entertaining a small group or a large crowd, we’ve got you covered with fresh, exciting dishes that are healthier than the usual finger food grub and will surely wow the crowd!

Quick Stir Fry

Toss up a beautiful mosaic of vegetables and plant-based proteins for a quick, balanced dish. Take a look at our collection of classic Asian dishes with a vegetarian twist.

Simple Seafood

Fresh, high-quality seafood tastes amazing even when they are prepared in the simplest ways. They are rich in nutrients such as omega-3s, potassium, and protein. Not to mention, they taste absolutely divine!

Tasty One-Pot

For the busy weeknights when you want to save time and energy on cooking and washing up, these delicious, nourishing meals come together in just one pot!

Yummy Salad

Whether you are looking to make a light salad to balance a heavy meal or a salad substantial enough to have on its own, these refreshing recipes are bursting with nutrients without being hefty on your appetite!

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