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Eat with confidence and feel great about your health and the environment. EATGREEN has a delicious range of plant based proteins, sustainable and ethically sourced food. Eat conveniently with same day delivery direct to your door.

Dairy Alternatives

Adopting a lactose-free diet has never been so simple with our amazing range of Dairy Alternatives! Try out our dairy substitutes today!

Fresh Produce

Grown in a sustainable manner that is good for the environment, our seasonally sourced Fruit & Veggies are produced without synthetic chemicals such as artificial fertilisers and pesticides.

Plant-Based Protein

The alternative to the stuff you love, our delicious Plant-Based Proteins are made primarily from plants including fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, oils, whole grains, legumes and beans.


Don't let your busy schedule stop you from enjoying delicious plant-based and sustainable meals - our range of Ready-Made Meals are as easy as popping in the oven!

Responsible Seafood

We work closely with small, sustainable wholesalers to keep our supply chain short so you can be sure of the origin of your seafood with 100% traceability and certification.

EATGREEN is now on MeatMarket

We've joined forces with MeatMarket to bring you a more complete online groceries experience! Shop now for fresh product, sustainable seafod, plant-based proteins, and more!