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We have selected the best and trusted partners to offer high quality products so you can eat confidently, conveniently. We only work with partners who share the same values to provide healthy food that is sustainable and good for the planet.
Food Nation

Food Nation takes fresh vegetables, mushrooms, legumes, herbs and spices, and pack them together in joyous harmony. By eating more plants we can do better by our bodies, the environment and our taste buds.

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Garden Hill

Sourcing the highest-quality ingredients, Garden Hill creates small-batch, plant-based “dairy” products right here in Hong Kong.

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Impossible Foods

Impossible™ products are plant-based, packed with nutrients, and free of animal hormones

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MEET is all about providing the best tasting plant-based meat that makes switching simple, has no compromise on taste and texture and helps to reduce environmental impact. It’s the closest thing to conventional meat in the market. We’re confident you’ll love our juicy, nutritious, and delicious MEET range that’s good for you and good for the planet.

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Muscle Food

High protein healthy food that is tailored around you and your lifestyle

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An all-purpose, plant-based pork analogue that is both nutritionally superior and friendlier to the environment when compared to normal pork. Created for all people, all cuisines, and for the common good of all beings and our planet.

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Quorn's mission to get more people into delicious meat free meals. A mission to provide healthy food for people and the planet. From before it was trendy, Quorn® has been fighting the good fight for meat free eating. Since the 1960s, their products have been refined to a protein-rich, sustainable food source that is packed with fibre, low in saturated fat, and contains no cholesterol.

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EATGREEN is now on MeatMarket

We've joined forces with MeatMarket to bring you a more complete online groceries experience! Shop now for fresh product, sustainable seafod, plant-based proteins, and more!